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Procubix Toilet Cubicle System

Procubix Toilet Cubicle System - Procubix Contracts Sdn Bhd

ProCubix Contracts Sdn Bhd (PCSB), an affiliated of TSI Group Malaysia - one of Malaysia's fastest growing and well-respected building products and services group of companies, is a leading provider of ProCubix architectural system for partitions in toilets, showers, changing rooms, swimming pools, sports facilities and leisure centres.

ProCubix products include: -


Comet integrated door system is designed to be durable and lasting compared to conventional wooden flush door system. It is suitable for existing toilets that have brick wall as an interval.


A popular and widely used system, suitable for any old and new buildings. Overhead head rail bracing produces most rigid installation possible. Available in solid phenolic core materials and moisture resistant chipboard.


Ideal for restrooms that have high ceiling space. Flush top line gives a modern appearance while simplified construction allows for easy installation. The uniform overall height of pilaster and door creates a pleasing visual appearance. It is also adaptable to any building style and interior requirement.


Uranus ceiling hung system offers unobstructed floor space for ease of housekeeping / maintenance.


The new SP36 has been designed to meet requirements for a strong, durable, stylish and practical toilet cubicle system in lavatory environments.


ProCubix Earth series lockers are designed for long lasting applications.

Drywall Partitions
Architectural Wire Mesh

Discovery of Architectural and Design

Architectural Wire Meshes were originally an achievement of the technical industry. As a result of its visual attraction owing to the diverse reflection of light, this material was discovered for the area of architecture and design. A variety of weave patterns are available for the designer. The various designs form groups of patterns which represent our efforts to find alternatives for various standards in corresponding applications. Various categories of size are also taken into account through the availability of the wire mesh in widths of up to eight meters.

The metal surface of the various wire meshes always creates an optical contrast to other materials. The apparent appeal of the wire mesh is attributed to the fact that it takes on the colours of its surroundings and mirrors them. This results in lively architecture and innovative design, changing in accordance with the time of the day and the light conditions. Warm colours harmonize in internal areas with the material that has a tendency to be of a cooler appearance. When used in external areas, architecture and the environment merge in fashion.


  • Exterior facades
  • Wall coverings
  • Draped and suspended ceiling
  • Column Cladding
  • Sunshades and Canopies
  • Exhibit booths
  • Retail displays
  • Elevator cabs
  • Stairs and balustrades
  • Furniture and cabinetry
Formglas Quarry Cast ® Archtectural Products

Formglas is the world's leading Custom Manufacturer of High Quality. Light Weight and Incombustible Glassfiber Reinforced Gypsum cast Architectural Products for Interior Application. All Formglas products allow Architects and Interior Designers to develop intricacies and complex design or just simple elements to be incorporated into exciting dimension in their design work. Formglas range of products is engineered and custom made for accurate dimension and shapes which carries both pre-finished and factory finished interior application products. They are:-

  • Glassfibre Reinforced Gypsum (GRG)
  • QuarryCast®
  • MetalCast®


GRG (Glassfiber Reinforced Gypsum)
Similar to traditional plaster castings but considerably lighter and stronger G.R.G. is always painted in the field. Joints can be taped and finishing is similar to drywall finishing.

For interior use only, it is the most economical Formglas material and used for columns, mouldings, domes and ceiling elements.

Quarry Cast®
A combination of natural aggregates, minerals and glassfibers. It has the distinctive appearance of lime / sand stone. Between ¼” and 3/8” thick (6 – 8mm) it is light weight, available in both standard and custom colours and cut with standard carpenter tools.

For interior use only, it is used for columns, mouldings, wall panels and other decorative elements, but it is not suitable for floors.

By combining metal powders, minerals and glassfiber, MetalCast elements equal or surpass the elegant beauty of conventional castings.

The ¼” (6mm) thick copper, brass, bronze and nickel-silver elements have an uneven buffed / burnished appearance that is enhanced by reveals or similar relief. It is not available in a bright polished finish.

For interior use only, typical applications are mouldings, door surrounds, columns and panels.