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Public Seating


Since 1916, we have been involved in many large scale projects including installation of chairs for international events like Olympic game and Expo, cultural, educational and sports facilities, providing thoughtfully engineered seating products and excellence in customer care. With the accumulated technical know-how and applying the latest skills, we are determined to keep on its pursuit for the ideal shapes of chairs that can effectively show off the function of public space. Offering a wide range of seating products ensures that we can provide the seating solution for any venue regardless of its size or function.Please contact us for standard model catalogue and further information, and consult us about your design needs.

Architectural Aluminium and Glazing Works

Architectural Aluminium and Glazing Works - API Aluminium Sdn Bhd


API Aluminium Sdn Bhd is also well-known as 'APIA', it was incorporated as private limited company in 1997 as well as affiliated of TSI GROUP MALAYSIA.

The company specialises in the fabricating of Aluminium Architectural Products for the Building Industry as covered most of the sector such as Commercial, Residential, Industrial, Health, etc.

APIA is a leading finishes specialist contractor in designing, manufacturing, marketing & installation of all type of Architectural Aluminium & Glazing Works such as windows, door, curtain walling & aluminium cladding.

In order to cater for the rising demand for high quality finished Aluminium Architectural Products, APIA has built up a strong team of highly experience management & technical personnel which are capable to meet the Aluminium Industry requirement & providing an efficient site management system to ensure the success of every project.

To assurance our commitment & best services toward our clients, APIA has targeted & in proceeding to achieve Quality Control ISO 9002 in this new millennium.

Established in 1997, the company is involved in the design, manufacturing, marketing, supply and installation of architectural aluminium products and glazing works such as windows, doors, shopfronts and curtain walling.

APIA is specializes in Architecture Aluminium & Glazing Works for the Building Industry as offering complete services in respect to design, supply, fabrication and installation as followed: -

  • Integrated Aluminium Door & Windows
  • Integrated Aluminium Shop-Fronts System
  • Architecture Aluminium & Steel Cladding System
  • Aluminium Curtain Walling System
  • Aluminium Semi-Unitised / Unitised System
  • Aluminium Louvres System
  • Suspended / Planar Glazing System
  • Glazing Works
Solid Surface Materials


Du Pont Corian Solid Surface Materials

A patented, durable, heat resistance, nonporous solid surface which resembles rich and feel of fine marble that comes in seventy two (72) colours. The solid surface is resistant to chipping and cracking and can be cut, shaped and bent to fit any area. Unlike tile, wood, granite or marble, Corian solid surface materials has no pores or voids and thus, making it a hygienic surface which are suitable for use as countertops, breakfast bars, shower surrounds, bathroom vanity tops and bowls. The Corian surface materials is backed by a 10 year limited warranty.

Sheets and Worktops

Corian sheets are available in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. The standard offering includes 13mm and 19mm for horizontal applications and 6mm sheets for vertical applications


The successful combination of these two ingredients, effectively increases the advantage and minimizes the disadvantages. The resulting blend of these properties makes up the Corian that we have today.

  • Solid and non-porous
  • Hard and Durable
  • Colour-stable
  • Formable, easy to work
  • Repairable and Renewable
  • Benefits of Corian

Corian is 100%... high performance acrylics combined with natural minerals and pigments. Colour and pattern run all the way through; can not wear away or delaminate.

Ease of cleaning

Smooth surface that is easy to clean: -
Stains and liquids can't penetrate non-porous surface mould and bacteria cannot grow.
Hygienic impermeable joints.
Colour and pattern can not scrub away.
It will not warp or rot with dampness.
Integral sinks and washbasins do not have sink lips to trap water and dirt.
Durability and Renewbility: -

Chip, crack and impact resistant.
Accidental cuts , burn marks and scratches are easily sanded away.
Aethetics: -

Warm to the touch
Sleek, smooth and seamless appearance (inconspicuous)
Timeless colour selection and styles
Satin finish hides waterspots
Durable beauty and elegance
Design flexibility with matching accessories (inlays, upstands, decorative edges)
Co-ordinates with Corian sinks and washbasins...no rims to catch dirt and water.
Feature: -

100% acrylic based composition. Jointing with liquid Corian
Wide range of colours
Quality Network

Requirements: -

  • Dirt cannot penetrate
  • Stable material which does not alter with time. Inconspicious seams
  • Easily matches other materials used in kitchen/bathroom
  • Unlimited design possibilities
  • Reliability

Benefits: -

Easy to clean

  • Hygienic
  • Stains are easily removed
  • Not easy to damage permanently
  • Nice looking
  • Integrated sinks or washbasins
  • Hygienic
  • Easy to clean
  • Once installed, peace of mind
Sun Louvers Systems
Acoustic Operable Partition